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Hot Water Cylinder Explosion

Hertfordshire Building Control attended an explosion of a pressurised hot water cylinder in Wormley, just before Christmas. It caused a huge amount of destruction internally.

The front and rear windows blew out, the internal wall was demolished, as was the ceiling board and several ceiling joists and binders.

The explosion blew a hole in the roof at the rear. Ripples appeared in the roof tiles at the front of the building.

The exit door was blocked by debris and the occupants had a lucky escape, being rescued by Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service.

What incredible power from an exploding pressurised hot water cylinder! Installing these systems is controlled work under the building regulations and usually requires an application. Please ensure your hot water system is installed by someone who can prove that they are properly trained, and have it serviced regularly!

HBC was called to the scene as part of our work covering Dangerous Structures. This includes attending newly damaged and potentially dangerous buildings and advising on the best course of action to take. We liaise closely with the police, fire service, and other agencies as part of this work.

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Just to stress the importance of leaving building sites safe, the importance of CDM and temporary support! This incident in Bushey over the bank holiday involved two buildings, the injured party was very fortunate. Pleased to be called upon #publicservice #construction @labcuk