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Protecting People

With our thorough plans checking service and comprehensive inspection regime we ensure that the public are protected. We even deal with dangerous structures when things go wrong.

Protecting People - House Fire Spread

Safety First

A primary aim of an efficient building control service is to make sure that the homes and other buildings that we all live in and visit are safe. To ensure that, we apply the minimum national standards required by the building regulations when checking designs and carrying out inspections of the work in progress. We are also the people who step in to deal with emergency situations when buildings or structures become dangerous. Protecting people with safe and compliant buildings and structures is paramount. 

Structural Stability

One aspect we control is the structural stability of new or altered buildings, but we also need to ensure that they are as safe as possible for occupants and firefighters in the event of a fire and to prevent the risk of that fire spreading to another adjacent building.

Health Issues

Health issues are also on our radar and we check for compliance with the rules on ventilation to reduce the risk of condensation and improve indoor air quality. We ensure that buildings are weather resistant and energy efficient and make sure that land is checked for any toxic contamination prior to development.

It’s All Taken Care Of

Amongst other issues under our control are sound insulation between new dwellings, foul and rainwater drainage, the safety of heating and hot water systems, safety of stairs, ramps, and balustrades, and the safety of electrical systems in homes.

So, as you can see, there is a lot for a Hertfordshire Building Control Surveyor to deal with and that’s why we ensure that all our people are properly trained and qualified for the roles they undertake in protecting people.

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