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The LABC Partner Authority Scheme

Local Authority Partnership Scheme

The LABC and Hertfordshire Building Control, together with construction professionals, work with clients to preserve a golden thread of quality. The Local Authority Partnership Scheme is made up of companies that we have developed a good working relationship with while processing applications for Building Regulations approval. They have seen a mutual benefit to working with us on all their projects, regardless of their location.

There is no fee to join our partnership programme! Neither do we ask partners to enter into a contractual arrangement. We simply expect an honest, open approach, with the mutual aim of working together on further projects to ensure that buildings are compliant with regulations.

Shared by all local authority building control teams the LABC partnership scheme allows us to check and approve applications for work anywhere in England and Wales. So if you regularly work with us and would like us to plan check all your applications, wherever the location, you’re in the right place!  We can often also undertake site inspections for work outside of our district boundaries if you’re situated nearby. For projects in other regions of the country, the inspection role is undertaken by the local authority where the project is situated.

If there is a particular Surveyor that you have enjoyed working with then we can consider allocating them as your key contact! They will take a lead role on all your applications. That might be pre-application consultations, design checking, and in some cases site inspections depending on the location of the site. Alternatively, we can select one of our experienced and qualified Surveyors to act as your key contact.

Our partners have gone on to win numerous awards at the annual LABC Awards! See our awards page.

Who Can Join the Scheme?

All types of organisations join the partner authority scheme ranging from large corporate clients to small and medium-sized enterprises. They benefit hugely from having a dedicated building control surveyor who is able to answer their questions.

Speak with your local building control surveyor or click the link at the bottom of the page to apply.

The Benefits 

  • A single point of contact for all your building control work in England & Wales 
  • Competitive pricing on high volumes of repeat work or major developments
  • Site inspections from a local professional team with invaluable local contacts and knowledge
  • Simplified fees and invoicing arrangements
  • Electronic submissions and e-working
  • The use of the LABC Partner logo on all of your marketing materials
  • Easier access to highways engineers and local fire service
  • In-depth expertise on structure, fire, acoustics, warranties, access, contamination, energy, and sustainability from LABC

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