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Guidance Notes

Trevor Clements

Building Control Manager

Trevor has over 35 years of experience working with Local Authorities in the region and repre…

Mrs Theresa (Terry) McCarthy

Principal Engineer

As a Chartered Structural Engineer, Terry has over forty years experience working in both pub…

Steve Polfreman

Building Control Manager

A Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Building Engineer and Member of the Faculty of Party Wall Sur…

Keith Loxley

Building Control Manager

Keith has been Broxbourne's Building Control Manager for 16 years. With over 39 years of expe…

Isobel Porter

Deputy Building Control Manager

Isobel Porter, Deputy Building Control Manager, joined Broxbourne Council In 1995 from London…

Yakup Tekniker

Structural Engineer and Surveyor

Yakup, a structural engineer and surveyor, has worked in both the private and public sectors …

Eric Schaffer

Principal Building Control

Eric Schaffer has come into Building Control from within the construction industry, having ru…

John Swainson

Building Control Manager

John attained a BSc in Building Surveying (passed with distinction) In 1991 from Thames Polyt…

Jerry Elliott

Senior District Surveyor

Jerry has over thirty years experience in Building Control and has worked in large city and r…

Tom Casson

Assistant District Surveyor

Tom attained a degree in Psychology from the University of East Anglia, graduating in 2012. H…

Richard Hearne

Principal District Surveyor

Richard completed an honours degree in Building Control Surveying at Westminster University w…

Steve Snell

Consultant District Surveyor

Steve began his Building Control career in 1972 with Plymouth City Council before he moved to…

Andrea Thurbin

Building Control Technician

After leaving school, Andrea worked in Finance until 2001, Andrea then joined East Herts Coun…

Sally Gray

Sally started her career within the hospitality industry, working as a receptionist at a loca…

Nicola Compton

Senior Building Control Technician

Nicola joined East Herts Buildlng Control as a temporary administrator in 1987, and was offer…

Paul Smith

Principal District Surveyor

Paul has over 35 years of experience in Building Control, including 15 years in a managerial …

Mike Wallace

District Surveyor

Mike undertook a ONC (Construction} and HNC (Structures) at Tottenham and East Ham Technical …

Michael McGinty

District Surveyor

Michael undertook a OND(Construction) and HNC (Structures) at Tottenham Technical College the…

Pat Folan

District Building Surveyor

Pat started working on site and trained as a bricklayer, which evolved into managing and runn…

Craig McMahon

District Building Surveyor

Craig undertook a Building Control degree at Westminster University before joining Hertsmere …

Mark McGinty

District Building Surveyor

Mark undertook a Building Surveying degree at UCE University before joining Hertsmere Council…

David Eggleton

Building Control Manager

David studied for his degree in Building Surveying at the Grenwich University, whil…