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The Building Control Process

How does the Building Control Approval process work? From choosing your provider to which form to complete, we explain it here.

Building Regulations

Choose Your Building Control Provider

You can choose the building control provider for your Building Regulations process that best fits your needs. We are your local authority building control team! We offer a not-for-profit service working as part of the local authority building control (LABC) network. Local authority building control surveyors are an invaluable source of useful local knowledge and give great advice about overcoming unexpected issues on site. Working with your designer, builder, and tradespeople we want your dream achieved on time and within budget.  

What is Building Control and how do the Building Regulations help you?

Known sometimes as building inspectors, district surveyors or building control surveyors, we are impartial building professionals with in-depth local knowledge of site conditions and issues. We have expertise in the Building Regulations, British and European standards, and codes of practice that the new building must comply with. We share the same ethos of impartiality, accountability, and technical consistency embedded in the LABC network.

Our helpful Operations Team staff are on hand to offer you support and guidance with making your application. 
Speak with our team on 01438 879990 or use our Request a Quote form to find out what the likely charges will be.

Types of Building Regulations Applications

You can apply to your local building control authority in one of two ways: 

Full Plans Application for Building Regulations:

Our building control team will check and ‘approve’ your project plans before work starts. You’ll need to submit all drawings, specifications, and where necessary, calculations for structure, thermal, water consumption etc. Our team will then carry out a detailed plan evaluation and issue approval notice, meaning contractors know that the plan they have quoted for – and are working to – shows full compliance with building regulations. These are usually submitted by the architect or plan drawing agent who is designing your project. Submitting this type of application reduces the risk of contravening the regulations and helps avoid costly delays.

Building Notice Application for Building Regulations:

This application is generally used for small internal alterations e.g. removal of a chimney breast or forming a through lounge.  You can apply online or phone us for guidance. For simple domestic projects, work can start on site after just 48 hours if you use the Building Notice route. Plans are not formally checked. (You cannot use this application if you are building over or within 3m of a public sewer; building a new dwelling that fronts onto a private road; or for any commercial works).

The work can commence within 48 hours of the council receiving the notice. N.B. you need to be aware that a Building Notice puts more responsibility for knowing and complying with the building regulations on the person carrying out the work and the property owner.

So, if you are unsure, the Full Plans route with an approved plan will give you the assurance that you won’t be taking a risk on site.

Once submitted an experienced Building Control Surveyor will take over to carry out an assessment of the application. That could be an approval or advice on any matters that need to be resolved so that we can approve the application.

Your Building Inspections!

Our inspection service is part of the package. We will let you know the stages at which we need to be notified (by you or your builder) to carry out site inspections of the work in progress. Our surveyors will undertake a bespoke inspection regime for each project and you can request a site visit by phone or use our free inspection request app. When your project is completed, with any outstanding issues resolved, we will then issue a Completion Certificate at no extra cost.

It’s not uncommon for you to want to deviate from the approved plans. Your surveyor will be happy to discuss these changes and any implications at a site meeting.

By using our Local Authority service, you will benefit from proper independent checking of the building work at all critical stages by a suitably qualified surveyor with no affiliations to your builder.

Your building surveyor will look at:

  • Foundations
  • Ground and floors
  • Damp proofing
  • Roof structure
  • Drainage
  • Structural beams and openings
  • Fireproofing
  • Thermal insulation

Completion Certificate

So, your new building project is finished! Following a satisfactory final inspection, with any outstanding issues resolved, we will then issue a Building Regulations Completion Certificate at no extra cost. This document is used by solicitors/personal search agents when you come to sell your property. Your certificate may also be required by mortgage lenders and property insurers. 

Enjoy your improved home!

See our complete set of FAQ’s from applying and inspections to gaining your completion certificate.


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