HFRS fire protection visits HBC

Guest Post by Lucy Cowell, Assistant Fire Safety Inspector

New Hertfordshire Building Control (HBC) Officers regularly get the opportunity to gain practical insight into fire regulation, with a hands-on visit to Stevenage fire station.

On this occasion, it was time for the Fire Protection team to visit HBC officers Dave Eggleton and Trevor Clements at Campus West in Welwyn Garden City. The purpose was to gain a better understanding of the relevant legislation and further insight into their day-to-day work.

Dave and Trevor gave an excellent presentation concerning the parameters they work within, including ‘The Building Act 1984’, ‘The Building Regulations 2010’ and the Approved Documents.  It was a great opportunity to understand the critical work they carry out, and to discuss the challenges we share. Fire Protection work closely with the local authority Building Control Officers to ensure that buildings are both compliant and safe for public use, both during construction and upon completion. Partnership working is vital to achieve successful outcomes, and whilst a good working relationship already existed between us, this day certainly enhanced those links.

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