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Offsite and MMC 

Client: Etopia & Melius Homes
Project: Etopia House, BRE, Watford & Melius Homes, Nottinghamshire 

Project Etopia House, BRE, Watford

Offsite and MMC

The growing use of ‘Offsite’ techniques and MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) should have a positive influence on the quality of new buildings and the efficiency of the construction process. It could also play an important part in resolving the current housing crisis in the South East.

Recognising that, HBC has aligned itself to providing a customised building control service having established working partnerships with companies producing panelised and volumetric modular systems. We recognise the need to adjust traditional building control methods to suit the individual systems providing expertise and fast track support through the compliance process at design and build stages.

The county of Hertfordshire is looking to be at the forefront of this developing technology and HBC has its own part to play.


🏠Great to see today how this individual new home has come to life near Ware, Herts. The owners managed the entire project themselves and sourced locally! We were pleased to help out with professional advice along their project journey! #newhome #bespoke @labcuk @HertsChamber