Woodfield Lodge, Chalfont Lane

Exterior image of Woodford Lodge, a bespoke new home

An Individual Bespoke New Home

Client & Contractor : Saltbox Design & Build
Architect: Edite

The client (a self-builder) wanted to create a New England style of home in the centre of Chorleywood. They were clearly passionate about building this bespoke home using quality products that created unique features both internally and externally. The brand new home went on to be a finalist in the Regional LABC awards!

The design had called for a white plasterboard finish on the walls and ceilings within all the rooms. With flush LED light fittings to comply with the requirements for energy efficiency. The contractor suggested using FireLine board on the walls and ceilings to create a permanent fire enclosure to provide 30 minutes for means of escape. In addition, the surface water drainage was altered to have the ACO drain on the outside of the porch area as this is where the water from the front patio would collect.

The SAP calculations proved that the house would be economical to run, despite its imposing size, being a three-story house. The thermal insulation was upgraded throughout the property and also fire-rated Celotex is used on all floors.

The smooth running of the construction process ensured the project finished on time. Very few issues were raised on-site thanks to the close working relationship between ourselves, the principal designer, and the contractor.

3 photos of Woodfield Lodge bespoke new home


The exterior is clad in cedar shingles, tying in with its surroundings. These spectacular photos show this client loved creating their American Dream!

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