Mr & Mrs Roast

I am writing to you to say how happy my husband and I are with the service provided by your team of staff.

A few months ago we moved into our ‘forever home’ and decided to do some interior renovation in making a more open plan kitchen/dining room.  We have never embarked on a building project like this before, so it was all very much a learning curve.

Your staff members have helped and supported us every step of the way and we wanted to say a huge thank you.  Without their professional guidance and direction we would not have been able to easily understand how the system now operates and what we needed to do to accomplish our wished for end result.

Andrea Thurbin was extremely helpful in advising me how to complete the on-line application and submit it electronically.  In fact the very next day I received a call from a staff member to say that our submission had been received and accepted and I was invited to pay the necessary fee.

Our enormous thanks must however go to Mr Richard Murrell who has continually gone that extra mile to promptly answer all our questions and emails and to explain step by step the building control process.  No matter how busy Mr Murrell was he always found time to respond and explain things simply, but clearly in a friendly and professional manner.  He has made what could have been a potential minefield of worry, into a straightforward plan.

Last but certainly not least, we cannot go without giving our extreme gratitude to Mr Les Ryder.  Mr Murrell kindly contacted Mr Ryder on our behalf for his guidance on a certain aspect.  Despite not even being in the country, Mr Ryder assisted us readily and gave us his swift response.

We are very grateful to all your team and would ask you to personally pass on our sincere thanks and appreciation.  They are doing a sterling job and credit where it’s due.