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Please find below our latest eBook: Hertfordshire Building Control LABC Guide to Extending Your Home. It provides information on planning, budgeting and implementing your home project in Hertfordshire..

Whilst planning permission is about how a building looks, building regulations make sure all construction work is structurally sound, safe, energy efficient and offers a healthy environment. You will need to ensure that your proposed works comply with the Building Regulations as a statutory requirement, separate from planning.

Hertfordshire Building Control is ready to help lead you through this process to ensure that your building is compliant with Building Regulations and to protect your interests.  You should be aware that some builders and architects find it convenient to choose the building control service provider.   We believe that this should be a decision for the building owner, the person who is paying the fees.  You will want to ensure that the architect and the builder have designed and built the project in compliance with Building Regulations.  You can only ensure this if your building control provider is independent.

Our surveyors give you impartial advice, and because we’re a not-for-profit organisation we only charge you the cost of delivering that service on your project. Our surveyors are local people who know your location, the ground and the building history. They'll work with your designer and contractor helping them to save you time and money and give you peace of mind. We make it easy for you to move quickly and easily through the building regulations process to realise your project.

To check whether your project requires building control approval check our FAQ's page here:

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