Fire Safety Regulation of Buildings – A Radical Rethink?

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Fire Safety Regulation of Buildings – A Radical Rethink?
CPD breakfast seminar with David Ware

We know that the evidence is clear. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! Especially when followed by our latest CPD seminar with guest speaker David Ware. Our October event covered the theme ‘Fire Safety Regulation of Buildings- A Radical Rethink’  following the tragic events at Grenfell and the recent Hackitt report. David Ware a former fire brigade officer and now a seasoned speaker with over 20 years experience in the field of Fire Safety, gave a passionate, relevant and knowledgeable talk in two parts. We heard about lessons learned from incidents previous to Grenfell, means of escape and external fire spread. Moving onto more recent events we learned about cladding- where did it go wrong, access and facilities for the Fire Service, material alteration and the importance of competence and training in the industry. The discussion around the ‘Stay Put’ policy was particularly thought provoking before we broke for more coffee!

Fire Safety in Buildings

After the break, we looked through case studies from around the world and current thinking. Insights into student accommodation, fires on multiple floors, timber-framed buildings and specialised housing followed. Rounding off with an informative section concerning sprinkler and mist systems brought David’s seminar to a close.

Mitsubishi’s Richard Venga walked us through heat pump technology, low carbon heating and the future of community heating solutions.

Fire Safety Regulation

Following a subsequent feedback survey sent to delegates, respondents sent the resounding message that David’s seminar was interesting, passionate, informative and entertaining. We also thank Mitsubishi for hosting this event at their super venue at Mitsubishi’s European Headquarters in Hatfield.

Following on from this event we would urge you watch this heartfelt speech from LABC’s Lorna Stimpson at the House of Commons. All MP’s and Dame Judith Hackitt nod in agreement. Please sign up to the 100% Hackitt campaign!


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