Controllable Building Works

Building Control Technical Guidance Leaflet No. 2

Householder Guidance Leaflet No. 2 Controllable Building Works

This leaflet is one of a series produced by the Hertfordshire Building Control Technical Forum


Work that requires building regulation approval

The following building works require a Building Regulation application and the Local Authority will need to inspect the work as construction progresses.

  • Erecting and / or extending a building;
  • Underpinning of a building;
  • Conversion of a garage into a habitable area;
  • Conversion of a loft into a habitable area;
  • Alterations that will affect means of escape;
  • Alterations that will worsen disabled access;
  • Insertion of insulating material into a cavity wall.
  • Changing the energy status of a building
  • Renovation of thermal elements (see below);
  • Re-roofing.

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