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Please clearly mention any relevant details in your application so we can get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.

PDF Application Forms

To use these forms:  Download the PDF form to your computer - make sure you save the file locally before you start filling it in.   Now open the PDF from your computer hard drive - fill your details into the relevant boxes and save the form.  When you save the form it can be handy if you add your name to file name so we can quickly identify your sent file.

  1. Download the form and save locally
  2. Fill in your details with any PDF editor
  3. Save the file (add your name to the filename)
  4. Email the form to us here

Building Notices PDF Form

Building Notice - This form of application is more suited to small basic schemes where the applicant and builder are fully conversant with the applicable Building Regulations requirements. To lodge the application you only need to submit the application form, the appropriate fee and in some cases a site location plan. Whilst a convenient and fast method of application it has the disadvantage that we do not formally check plans and specifications for compliance in advance of the work being carried out. Consequently there is a risk that we will only discover non-compliant work when we carry out our site inspections and this can necessitate expensive remedial works.

In some cases our Surveyors will need to ask for plans, specifications and structural calculations to provide a record of the construction and demonstrate compliance while the work is being carried out.

A Full Plans application avoids this risk giving you a reassurance that you can safely build in accordance with a checked and approved design

Full Plans Application / Submission PDF Form

Full Plans Application / Submission - With a Full Plans application you need to submit detailed drawings, specifications and (in some cases) structural design calculations with your application form and fee payment. We check these for compliance and contact you if we need any amendments or further information before issuing an approval.

You can confidently build to approved details in the knowledge that the work should be approved by our inspecting Surveyors unless there are previously unknown factors that come to light during the project.

Regularisation PDF Form

Regularisation - This is the method of applying for retrospective approval for work that has been carried out without Building Regulations approval. To be acceptable the applicant needs to include drawings (plans sections and elevations) and detailed specifications for the building work with the completed form and appropriate fee. This needs to, as far as possible, demonstrate that the work complies with the appropriate building regulations.

We recognise that some elements of the construction may be hidden from view so it is not possible to provide detailed information. On receipt of the application a Surveyor will check the information and arrange to visit the property. In many cases they will need to ask the applicant to expose part of the structure in order to satisfy themselves that it meets the minimum standards.

If we can establish that the work is compliant then we will issue a Regularisation Certificate to confirm that having taken reasonable steps to assess the work it appears to accord with the Building Regulations.