Beltona Gardens Social Housing, Cheshunt

Beltona Gardens Affordable Housing

Client: B3 Living Housing Association

Main Contractor: Court Homes Construction

Architect:  Bob Harrington Design Ltd

Building Control: Hertfordshire Building Control (HBC)


Project Summary:

The Beltona Gardens site in Cheshunt, Borough of Broxbourne, is owned by B3 Living Housing Association and covers 0.071 hectares. The site consisted of one bungalow, which was redundant and no longer fit for purpose. Furthermore, it would have required considerable renovation and improvement to bring the bungalow up to current social housing standards.

The project replaced the existing bungalow with 3 terraced houses at a development density of 42.25 dwellings per hectare, with associated soft landscaping and provision of on-site car parking spaces.


Beltona Gardens Social Housing




B3 Living Housing Association believes safe, warm and affordable housing is essential for us all. They work hard as a team to maintain existing homes and make a difference to people’s lives by building new ones across Hertfordshire and Essex.

Hertfordshire Building Control

Hertfordshire Building Control provided the plans approval and our Assistant Surveyor Russell Blackman provided our site inspection service. At one point the contractor came across a difficult situation at site level, where he had been struggling with the drainage system and getting the right gradient on the foul drain run. Russell studied the issues and presented the contractor with suggestions of solutions for a way forward. Our managing director Simon Heywood received the following letter from David Scriven of Court Homes Construction:

 “My name is David Scriven and I work for a company called Court Homes Construction. I have been managing a site at 41 Beltona gardens, construction of 3no houses for our client B3 Living. So far all but two inspections have been carried out by a gentleman, Russell Blackman. Russel being the reason I have taken the time to investigate those that he works under, get their email address and obviously to sit down and compose this mail.  Although on all site visits I have found Russell to be very polite, approachable and knowledgeable inspector I have recently had a very difficult situation at site level where I have struggled with the drainage system and getting the right gradient on the foul drain run.  If it were not for the fact of Russell taking it upon himself to study the issues, to present me with suggestions of solutions I would probably still be standing on-site scratching my head puzzling on a way forward. Russell is a fine man, a pleasure to work with and I believe a credit to building control.   Thank you for taking the time to read my mail, no doubt you are very busy but I just felt it would not be right for Russell’s input to go unnoticed.”     

The replacement of the redundant residential accommodation with new terraced accommodation has made much better use of the land. Most noteworthy, it has provided a threefold increase in the amount of much needed affordable housing. This is in accordance with Housing Policy H2, that seeks to maximise effective land use.

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