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Homeowners - How can LABC help you?

Are you building your new dream home or hoping to make improvements, extensions or alterations to your home? This video explains how we can help you:


  • apply for building control and planning permission
  • with energy-related issues so that you can avoid overheating in summer and cold spots in winter
  • avoid future problems by visiting your construction team on a regular basis to make sure everything's going as planned
  • control costs by being a not-for-profit service
  • control costs by offering energy-saving advice
  • build a safe, comfortable home

Visit homeandbuild.co.uk for home building and renovation inspiration, planningportal.co.uk to make a building control application, or labc.co.uk for building regulations advice and to find your local authority building control team.

How LABC provides a strategic and modernised building control service to the construction industry

Building control is the only regulated service which is in competition with the private sector but after more than 30 years of competition local authority building teams still receive two-thirds of all building control applications on projects both large and small. This video looks at the valuable services local authority building control teams provide to the construction industry.

Why Izabela loves being a Local Authority Building Control surveyor

Izabela Urbaniak explains why being a building control surveyor in local authority building control is the right role for her.

CIOB Masterminds of Construction: Local Authority Building Control

Discover how local authority building control teams help contractors and self-builders deliver building projects within budget and on time. In association with CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building).

Video Playlist

How does the building control process work

This clip explains how to make a Building Regulation application; the difference between a full plans application and a building notice and outlines the information that needs to accompany your application.
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